What is a thorn to a rose?

Every now and then, I give my creative side the platform and space to just be – and often something beautiful is a result. I need to let my creatively roam a lot more often.

This is a poem I wrote in February 2010 at an AoL part 2 course – I loved it, and I’d love to do more.

What is a thorn to a rose?

Sitting here on the dock of the bay
Watching time pass with every wave
My mind is firmly stuck on you.
Your grace, your joy, your presence
You’re easy to love.
Your scent is like that of the rose in my hand
Fresh and everlasting
I draw a long breadth,
Yet ouch I bleed
As a thorn pricks my flesh.
I’m forced to let go
As I have let u go.
Why is it so
That my love for you
Joyful, fulfilling, plentiful,
Causes my heart to bleed
As if pricked
by a thorn on a rose.

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